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Importance of Preventative Roof Maintenance in Denver, CO

Your insurance company wants to fight your claim if you have roof hail damage. If you have a large roof, or premium materials, they may even hire engineers and experts to fight you. They can't win against the picture evidence of our Maintenance Program.

Choosing the Right Roof Maintenance Company

Beyond the inspection and documentation services mentioned below, our Roof Maintenance Program includes temporary roof mitigation while waiting for insurance approval and funding, it includes roof leak repairs, gutter cleaning, and other exterior repairs up to $1200 per year depending on the level of service selected. With the Platinum Level service all After Hours fees and Inclement Weather fees are waived. It's truly a "set it and forget it" type of exterior maintenance program.


Watch this clip of gutters being cleaned during a Platinum Level maintenance call.


Watch this clip regarding vents being caulked during a Gold Level maintenance call.


This clip shows the extent of debris on the roof before we cleared it for another Gold Level maintenance call.


This clip shows what can happen if you don't clear out your gutters--ICE DAMS!



For the Pricing PDF, download it here:


Commercial roof maintenance program

Our Roof Maintenance Program is available for commercial properties as well as multi-family properties. Pricing above is on a per building basis. 


A Pro-Active Approach to Hail Claims

The Denver, CO area is a tough environment for your roof. The wind comes down off the mountains like the back side of a passenger jet wing. It's fast, strong, and turbulent. Plus, we're in Hail Alley. We get golf ball sized hail Every Single Year. Some years we get baseball and softball sized hail. In 2019, Bethune, CO--just off I-70, got a hailstone over 5" that set a Colorado state record! Over 200,000 homes sustain roof hail damage and roof wind damage each year in the Front Range.


This environment is also tough on insurance companies' bottom lines. So they deny and fight home owner insurance claims as often as they think they can get away with it. The more expensive the possible payout then the more they will fight. If you have a metal roof, wood shake roof, or concrete tile roof, they WILL hire an engineer to fight having to pay as much as your contractor says it will cost. They will try to argue that what should be a full roof replacement really only needs a small roof repair or that a roof repair really is only "wear and tear" instead of weather related damage.


Other Roofing Companies have your home's well-being backwards. They wait for you to say you may have some hail damage, then they come out to inspect your property. The problem is this: your current roofing contractor has no proof of the condition of your home BEFORE the storm. When it comes time to fight the insurance carrier, it's your roofing contractor's word against their adjusters', and their engineer's, and their roofing expert's words. That's a tough battle to win. With our Preventative Residential Roofing Maintenance Program, one of the basic services we do is document the condition of your home every year in April--just before Hail Season starts. Should your home get damaged, you will have PROOF there was no damage before the hail storm. This is truly invaluable in not only winning the fight against your insurance company, but in expediting the struggle as well. They will pay when they see the evidence.


The picture above shows a concrete roof tile that is damaged at the bottom-right corner. It's the most susceptible spot on the whole concrete tile. Contractors argue that it can only be damaged from something striking the concrete roof tile. Roofing Contractors say that is Hail Damage to a Concrete Roofing Tile. Insurance companies argue that it's from ANYTHING else. They say it happens during installation. They say it happens from hot and cold cycles causing expansion and contraction of the tile which then causes cracks. They say it happens from foot traffic on the concrete roof tile. They say it's not covered damages. What would they say if you had pictures that were time stamped only 4-8 weeks prior to a hail storm, and what would they say if those pictures showed zero cracking? Pair those pictures with a Concrete Roofing Tile expert like Front Range Storm Contractors, and we can provide the evidence to get your hail damaged concrete roofing tile claim approved.


Check out this YouTube video with more details on why your insurance will fight you if you have a hail damage claim for a large or expensive roof.

Roof Maintenance Services in Denver, CO and Surrounding Areas

Our roof maintenance services are available at multiple locations across Colorado. So no matter where you live in Colorado, we may be able to help you. If you are looking for reliable roof maintenance services in Denver, CO and neighboring areas, look no further. We are among the leading roofing contractors for roof repairs and maintenance in the Front Range. In addition to Denver, CO, we also serve other locations. These include Lakewood, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Thornton, and Littleton, CO. With our headquarters in Castle Rock, CO, we serve the entire Front Range area. Call us today at (720)-800-STORM (7867) to hire our roof maintenance services or get a free estimate.

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  • Adam and his team did a great job with my new roof and gutters. They made the whole project easy. They were on time and on schedule every day and would highly recommend his company.
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  • I have had the Pleasure of having Adam replace not one, but two roofs, that were damaged by hail. With one of those being an older home, that was a total restore, right down to removing the old wooden lath and putting on new sheeting to bring it up to code. He is...
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