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At Front Range Storm Contractors, we recognize all the factors that get considered as part of a new roof. As pieces of a big investment, you should consider the assets and negatives of differing materials. Cost should additionally carry consideration, as the price for some roofing materials can differ widely. Naturally, it all doesn’t boil down to money. You also get to choose a roofing material based on your tastes as a homeowner. If the day has arrived to pick a new roof for your residence, hire Front Range Storm Contractors for professional roofing services.

Roofing Materials We Install

An array of roofing choices confront homeowners. Different positives and negatives characterize each roof that a person investigates.


Asphalt shingles: the most frequent choice across different roofing choices, asphalt shingles’ durability and economy lend the reasons for its popularity. More benefits include a large assortment of colors and styles, relevance for practically any region, and basic installation requirements. The standard life for asphalt shingles is around two decades. When it comes to detriments, this longevity lands farther down the spectrum of other roofing materials. A propensity for faded coloration also appears as a trait of aged asphalt shingles.


Slate and tile: some buildings will benefit from the appearance of fancy sorts of shingle options. Slate possesses excellent aversion to fire, a natural appearance, in addition to a life that can last up to a century. Tiles also have a high resistance to fire, and can persist for up to 70 years. For slate, cons include the significant expertise essential for roof installation, and heaviness. Tiles only work for particular places, and might crack if they have to support excessive weight.


Metal roofs: in addition to extraordinary durability, metal roof installation occurs with expedience due to the formulation of the material in sheets pre-cut to certain sizes. Lighter weight and almost no maintenance necessities appear as two more positives for metal roofs. As for deficiencies, you will need a reputable roofing professional for service. Metal roofing systems may also be deprived of their reflectivity as the years go by.

Cedar shingles and shakes: cedar shingles and wood shakes have an eco-friendly nature and naturally attractive appearance. When made of salvaged wood or gathered with care, these choices have no rivals when you look at the health of the environment. On the flip-side, these roofs are fairly costly and often require professional service.

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Front Range Storm Contractors supplies unbeatable work and expertise for roof installation in Denver, CO. You can rest easy that our superior specialists will complete a faultless install, regardless of the kind of material you need. To arrange an appointment for a service call or ask any questions about our roofing options, contact us at 720-800-STORM-7867.

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  • I had a wonderful experience with Front Range contractors! Adam was very responsive and honest. He thoroughly inspected the exterior of my home and very honestly replied that My home not require any big fix ups at this time. I will contact this company again if I...
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    Regina Meyer
  • Adam and his team did a great job with my new roof and gutters. They made the whole project easy. They were on time and on schedule every day and would highly recommend his company.
    Keith Krombach
  • Adam was awesome to work with. Came in and got a previous repair job corrected in no time. I've recommended him to a friend and they were just as happy as I was. I will definitely go to Adam if I ever need a repair again.
    Diane Grootenhaar
  • I have had the Pleasure of having Adam replace not one, but two roofs, that were damaged by hail. With one of those being an older home, that was a total restore, right down to removing the old wooden lath and putting on new sheeting to bring it up to code. He is...
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    Floyd Watson
  • Adam helped get us the new roof we needed. He was a true professional and extremely knowledgable about the entire process.
    Brian Metzger
  • Great, thorough and prompt work! Adam also helped us navigate our homeowners insurance claim. Very helpful!
    Abby Lea
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